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"Cheers to Nancy Szymkowiak and Kaleo Supports, Inc. for always being there for us. No matter what, you always put others first."

Mike L.

"My son had another company to help him and we got nowhere. When Kaleo Supports started helping us, they went above and beyond and we started getting results. I appreciate the go getter attitude and the results."

Faith T.

My favorite thing about working for Kaleo Supports is the open communication. I don't feel I am left working all by myself. The support I receive helps me do my job and problems are addressed head on and dealt with effectively and quickly. I like working for this company."

Tiffany A.

I have found Kaleo Supports to be very helpful and caring company. They have taken very good care of our daughter and treat our whole family with thoughtfulness and respect. Laci's aide is like a member of our family. They respond to all of our questions in a timely manner and have help us navigate through many challenging times...

Julie R.


"After a two year unsuccessful job search for our son, we finally found Nancy at Kaleo. She listened to our hopes, dreams, and even our fears and then WOW - she made wonderful things happen!"

Fran & Steve Branch

Kaleo led me to the job I've had for over a year and a half!

Wesley Branch

"This agency actually cares about the person and the family. I know Nancy Szymkowiak will be there to help my wife with our son if something happens to me. The training for employees is very good and everyone follows through."

William N.

I am very pleased with the support that the employees of Kaleo Supports have offered my son and me. I have noticed great improvement in my son's motivation to learn about how to live more independently and how to obtain goals that he has set. I feel this motivation could not have been possible without the care that Kaleo Supports has offered him. I have also noticed that because his life has been made into a more fulfilling one, my son seems to be a lot more happy and proud of himself. I highly recommend this company.

Jane S.


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